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The Empire State EB-5 Regional Center is an approved and registered Regional Center with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and have been helping people receive Green Cards by meeting the EB-5 Visa requirements since 2010. We specialize in commercial projects in the housing, and medical device field. We are focused on providing quality EB-5 investment projects to our investors by adhering to a strict and unique underwriting philosophy. Our actions demonstrate that our commitment to our investors is unparalleled.

  • 1. We underwrite using time-tested, proven bank-style financial
    underwriting: If the project is not economically feasible, we will not pursue
  • 2. We underwrite for Jobs Creation: The project must create the required
    number of new jobs PLUS a cushion of at least 10 percent, ensuring that
    you will never experience an issue with this critical EB-5 requirement.
  • 3. We Character Underwrite: We only partner with project owners or
    developers who exemplify a high degree of moral character, and who have
    proved to be successful in previous endeavors. As a result, our investors are
    surrounded with people who conduct themselves with the highest degree of
    professionalism, and who exhibit strong ethical behavior.

Every EB-5 investor share two required bottom line results:
1. To secure a Visa for themselves and their family.
2. The safe return of their $500,000 investment.

We ensure our investors achieve these results by surrounding them with a team
of knowledgeable, talented, caring people who put 100 percent of their skills,
passion, and focus into guiding them through the EB5 process.

Q. How can an interested investor apply for the EB-5 visa through the Empire State Regional Center?

A. Interested investors should start by contacting our office. We will answer your questions and provide you with all the program materials.

Q. Who should consider the EB-5 Program?

A. EB-5 investors include people from all walks of life: professionals, business people, persons wanting to facilitate a child’s education, and retirees. Investors who are not interested actively managing a business should consider a regional center EB-5 investment. If the investor’s goal is to obtain permanent residence and not to actively manage a business, it is more convenient to utilize the Regional Center EB-5 visa.

Q. Who may receive permanent residency?

A. After investing $500,000 or $1,000,000 in an approved project, the investor and his or her spouse and children under 21 are all eligible to receive EB-5 green cards, which are conditional for two years. After two years, if the approved project has been completed and is creating jobs, the investor and family are all eligible to receive permanent U.S. residency.

Q. What is a conditional green card?

A. A conditional green card is temporary permanent residency valid for two years. One year and nine months after it is issued, the investor, with the assistance of their attorney must file another application with USCIS to verify that all of the funds have been invested and employment created. When the conditional resident status has been lifted, full resident status is granted and a permanent green card is issued.

Q. Who receives the permanent residency?

A. The investor, spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 at the time of the I-526 petition.

Q. How much is required to invest to meet the EB-5 Program requirements?

A. The EB-5 Program regulations require a minimum investment of $1,000,000 and that the investor be engaged in the management of a “new commercial enterprise” that produces at least 10 new jobs. However, the investment may be as little as $500,000 if the investment in a new commercial enterprise located within a targeted employment area. Empire State Regional Center focuses on projects within these targeted employment areas. Therefore, the investment amount of projects sponsored by the Empire State Regional Center are typically $500,000.

Q. What are the obligations of the investor to participate in the investment?

A. The EB-5 regulations require involvement in management or policy making. The regulations deem a limited partner in a limited partnership, which is properly structured and that conforms to the Uniform Limited Partnership Act as sufficiently engaged in the EB-5 enterprise. As a limited partner, the investor may continue to engage in his own business, live where he pleases, and enter and exit the United States without any obligation to manage the investment. Most importantly, the limited partner, like the corporate shareholder, is only liable to the enterprise to the extent of the agreed-upon investment.

Q. Must the investor or their family stay in the U.S. once they receive their permanent residency?

A. No. As a permanent U.S. resident, the investor and their immediate family members are able to travel freely within and outside of the United States, the same as any citizen.

Here are the three BIG things that makes us special

Unparalleled Commitment

Reside in an approved TEA (Targeted Employment Area), meaning that you can secure your permanent Visa with an investment of $500,000 USD rather than $1 million.

Safe Investments

Will more than satisfy the USCIS Job Creation Requirements.

Exit Strategy

Have viable exit strategies that will safely return your investment funds plus accrued interest to you at the end of the 5-year loan.



David Eckert



Gail Rahill



Curtis Dehm

Real Estate & Immigration Attorney


Marisa Marconi

Plan Writer


Scott Barnhart



Michael Smith

General Counsel


Rochester Garden Inn

East Main Street

Rochester, NY

Total Budget – $19,000,000

(Completed Fall 2015)

LaQuinta Inn & Suites

Niagara Falls Blvd.

Niagara Falls, New York

Total Budget – $9,000,000

(Completed summer 2016)

Aloft by Marriott

Inner Harbor

Syracuse, New York

Budget – $12,000,000

(Completed Summer 2016)


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